Guys In this article, we’ll be looking at the lovers in anime who aren’t only committed to one another but can also hold their own in a fight. Keep in mind we’ll only be including characters that are confirmed as couples. So yes no melodious and Elizabeth! but maybe some Natsu and Lucy? Who knows? But for sure only those couples that are physically powerful. Don’t forget to tell us your views. So yes let’s get ready.

Ikki and Stella:

It was released in the year 2015. Ikki is regarded as the worst of the bunch. His skills as a swordsman remain unparalleled. Because he is able to defeat the strongest enemies just with a single slit. And His princess is no different. As her command of a dragon, manipulation has left many of her enemies literally grilled. The more important thing than their magic is their relationship. Can you guess what  their safe word is? It’s “Oh”.

Tatsumi and Mine

As members of a group covert assassination night raid it’s no surprise that these two are well equipped when it comes to killing. The genius sniper may have an attitude on her but when it comes to killing her opponents she always gets her mark. On the other side, there is a newbie Tatsumi whose body count pile increased exponentially. There’s no doubt when it comes to their murderous skills and thanks to that dying kiss of theirs they just managed to squeak which turned them into the couple’s category. If you have watched this anime already then let us know in the comment section that how was this anime.

Koichi and Yukako

Koichi and Yukako is a Japanese series that’s basically the plot of Beauty and the Beast. Following on from there less than Pleasant’s first encounter as the story moves on both found themselves yearning for each other in the most unexpected of ways. Koichi let his inner best boy shine through and accepted her for who she was. There may be something there that wasn’t there before and if you want to talk about power well let’s be fair.

Hero and zero two

Nothing is stronger than the power of love. Well, that and mechanized ass handles. Their relationship may have float towards the virulent. The two found new love together after both were able to look past all the violence trauma and hormones to come together not only as partners but also combine their talents to create a living space ship capable of decimating an entire intergalactic army. Convenient turns out their passion for each other is only matched by their hatred of birth

So yes guys these are top slaying lovers anime which will melt your heart. If you have seen any of these already then do let us know in the comment section given below. And if you are thinking to watch any love anime series then don’t waste any time. Go grab some popcorn and start watching.


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