Every day millions of user play video games. You will be astonish to know to stats how much people play video games and what are top 10 games with most player count. After hours of research, i collected some of the data and i’m going to share it with you today. There is no doubt, all over the world people play different types of video game, and they enjoy the luxuries of smart and cool graphics, sound effects and music. I will be sharing the top 10 games with most player count , i’d love to know your opinion in the comment section.


CrossFire is one of most played game. It is first person online shooting game. It was developed for Microsoft Computer by smilegate Entertainment. It was released by Chinese Company Tencent.

Number of User: 600 Million Accounts

Publisher: Smilegate

Release Year: 2007

Dungeon Fighter Online

It is also one of the top playing games all over the worldwide. It is multiplayer online game, developed by south Korean Company Nexon and hangame. It was first released in South Korea. It is still popular today, and million user.

Number of User: 600 Million

Publisher: Nexon

Release Year: 2005

Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

This game no needs introduction. Everyone has played this game. Still being played on Mobile phones, PC, PS etc. This game is getting popular day by day. This is online multiplayer shooting game, developed by SouthKorean Company PUBG Cooperation. This game is played by million user everyday.

Number of User: 600 Million

Publisher: PUBG Cooperation/BlueHole

Release Date: December 20, 2017

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Pac-Man Doodle

Pac-Man Doodle is also my one of favorite game. Everyone has played this game in his childhood. It is arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1980. The original name of this game was Puck-man, but due to international release they changed the name.

Number of User: 550 Million

Publisher: Namco / Google

Release Date: May 21/2010

QQ Speed

QQ Speed just amazing game. Also this is one of unique game. QQ Speed is a kart 3D racing game where you get behind the wheel of more than forty different vehicles and race against your AI-controlled opponents through online and you try to finish first.

Number Of Users: 500 million

Publisher: Tencent

Release Date: January 23, 2008

Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush saga is free to play video game developed by king for Facebook and for other version. This game is still popular and played by million user worldwide. I love playing this game.

Number Of Users: 500 Million

Publisher: king

Release Date: April 12, 2012


Tetris game is very interesting. Everyone loves to play this game. This game has many histories. It is tile matching puzzle video game designed and developed by Soviet Russian Software Engineer Alexay Pajinotv. This game is modified and further developed by many companies. One of them is game’s rights.

Number Of Users: 500 Million

Publisher: Various

Release Date: June 6, 1984


Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by MoJang. It is still popular game. kids and teens love to play this game. It has also active million users. It was programmed in Computer Programming Language Java.

Number Of Users: 480 Million

Publisher: Mojang

Release Date: November 18,2011

Microsoft Solatire

Many of you has played this game on your MS Windows. It is card base playing game and you need to finish cards in descending order. This was developed my Microsoft Teams. This is interesting and unique game. It is also one of the old game of all time.

Number Of Users: 400 Million

Publisher: Microsoft

Release Date: 1990


Fortnite is online video game developed by Epic games in 2012. It also has million user actively and still played worldwide. This game has amazing sound and graphics effects. I recommend you to play this game once.

Number Of Users: 350 Million

Publisher: Epic Games

Release Date: September 26, 2017

Summing Up

I know you have been just wondering some different games but actually they are different. It was very exciting for me to share these stats with you, so you can know which games are played most. I’d love to know your opinion about this article in the comment section. Checkout our other Video gaming articles, Top Anime , I’ll catch you in the next article Thanks.


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