Every enemy hero needs a strong badass villain. We are not talking about any low-level villain here. We count down some of the top 10 overpowered villains of all time. So let’s start our list off with a bang.

10Anti-Spirals from Gurren Lagann:

We’re going straight to the anti-spirals from Gurren Lagann. This peculiar race of blank faces being a share. A hive mind and a predominantly concerned with their own preservation.

In this series, everyone draws energy from spiral power. Something that these mysterious human-like creatures decided to rid themselves up. Angie’s brows can do just about anything. They’re omnipresent, omniscient and practically omnipotent. They can mimic any living being instantly.

9The major from Hellsing:

Major is probably one of the sickest villains featured on this list. Simply due to the utter ruthlessness of his actions. He also controls an entire horde of vampires which you know. it definitely doesn’t hurt his placement on the list either. The fact that he’s a cyborg also means that he’s technically immune to perishing for natural causes which coupled with his high durable nature. means that he’s definitely someone to be

Feared in the world of Hellsing all right.

8zeref dragneel from fairy tale:

Zeref is known as to be the darkest the vilest black mage of ever graced lands of you. He has raised callous demons to raise the lands of honest people and is my unstoppable by any mate challenges them. The usual package of immortality and regenerations are present as well is great strength lies in his death magic that is so powerful incredible that he himself has difficulty controlling it. When utilizing it can instantly kill any living thing around it regardless of any defenses put up by combatants.

7Light Yagami from Death Note:

Normal high school student until he gained to death though a supernatural book with the power to end the life of anyone whose name is written it in. light initially sought to enact final judgment on criminals who the law failed to bring to justice. However, his egomania quickly grabs his noble attentions in a layer of tyranny and thus he embraces godlike alter-ego, Kiera. the only thing standing in lights way was a roach gray detective.

6Father from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Moving on to number six we have father From Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Father is the dwarf in the flask who became so resentful of humanity that he consumed hundreds of thousands of souls in order to become a humanoid. The power of countless Souls at his disposal. Using a similar method to his previous conquest he took the souls of even more humans and proceeded to capture the God of the world within himself.

5All four one from my hero academia:

Ever since this bombastic arrival on showing the gem. My academia is taken over the world by storm. Not really surprised anyone but he is currently the most powerful villain in my hero academia. With all combinations of the courses obtained over the years stemming from augmentation, teleportation, shape-shifting, energy protection, air pressure power stealing and countless others. No one can really compete with this guy.

4Aizen Sosuke from Bleach

Aizen is one of those iconic villains of the anime world. Ruthless, cunning and manipulative. His control over illusions allowed him to use deeply like all five senses at once. He’s also reached the peak physical condition possible for Shinigami. I didn’t say that he has maxed out parameters and is literally capped at the power level.  Aizen is so powerful that he can’t even be killed.

3Mariam from the Hunter x Hunter

Mariam is one of those powerful characters in hunter x hunter. His high learning ability allows him to adapt techniques with the greatest of ease while also giving him an intense battle like you I’m like anything

witnessed in the series. The fact that he’s almost immune to the very concept of pain itself should make it infinitely clear as to why he earned his place on this list.

2Madera Uchiha from Naruto

At this point, any person even mildly interested in anime knows who Madera is. Madera Uchiha is the type of villain who may be prone to lose his cool outside the battlefield but when he engages in battle. Lucia’s chakra which is basically the life source is said to be so powerful that he could battle for hours on end without regressing. He even took on hundreds of opponents at once it easily dismantled and despite an unrelenting barrage of attack coming from every angle.

1Beerus from Dragonball super:

We have a beer it’s everyone else on this list just naturally doesn’t stand a chance against someone with the levels of being a god of destruction in universe 7. With barely a twitch of his whiskers he can eradicate entire worlds. When paired against Goku in a fight he’s able to defeat go through with ease and still look bored while doing it.

His power level is not just above 9,000 but it’s probably impossible to measure his power level period. It’s a good thing he’s not been on world domination because our heroes have yet to even defeat him.

Comments on what you think. Is there someone we missed out is there someone even more powerful than the people we listed on the list.


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