In this article, I am sharing with you this very special edition of the top anime list. Can you guess which list I am going to share? Well In this article I will be taking a look at a very special horror anime! However, we won’t necessarily be going through anime that will strike fear by being outright scary. So if you have the courage to get into this realm of horror anime then let’s just start. Turn off the lights grab a bowl of popcorns and start watching these thrilling horror series!


Shiki is based on a horror novel Shiki. The story surrounds around a boy who is fifteen years old but his unnatural sudden death raises so many questions. So to solve the mysteries of Unnatural death a doctor Ozaki and troubled youth Yuki form an ally. In this series, you will see a very structured show that will remind you of classic horror shows actually.


Memories was released in the year 1995. Instead of an anime, it is in fact a short story. It comprises of three short films and the best among them is Magnetic Rose. It gives you the insight of horror, Psychological and drama at the same time. It is an impressive animation that one must watch. The script is written by legendary Satoshi Kon that will give you a nightmare fuel.


The dream world is interesting because it entails a person’s deepest desires which are hidden. In this series, secrets scientists have created a device that allows a person to access dreams and record them. Isn’t it amazing? But unluckily the device named DC mini gets missing and also opens the floodgates which lead to psychological effects on people.

The visuals and dolls that are shown in this anime will surely let you to a horror world.

Perfect blue

It is a Japanese animated series. It is directed by Satoshi Kon. Perfect blues a movie about Mima Kirigoe who is a member of an idol group and peruses solo career. As she is in the acting field so it’s already a tough decision for her and then troublesome combo of some photo-shoots and series of murders add a mix. In this series, the reality gets blurred by the fantasy and leads you to lots of bloody violence and other scenes that you wouldn’t want to watch with kids.



Most people get confused with the popular movie which has the same name Mononoke. This series surrounds around horror anthology. A seller who sells medicines goes to Japan so that he may slay the evil spirits which are known as Mononoke. He is the master of the occult but still, he is not able to do so. Before slaying it he first has to know the spirit from its origin. You will see vibrant colors and overall good animation as well.

So guys satisfy your thirst for horror with these anime. But don’t forget to tell us in the comment section that how was your experience watching it.


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