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In this article, we’re going over top anime that will take you on an emotional journey. Every series on the list will give you sadness or tears of joy. So set down and get ready for the first anime on the list.



Erased focuses on self-reflection. It covers the story of a depressed 29-year-old guy. Who doesn’t open up to people and doesn’t have any close friends however he’s a good person who’s willing to go that extra mile to help people in danger. This series throws light on how the main character undergoes a phenomenon called revival. Erased is a unique anime because it elaborates those crimes that happen around the main character as he struggles to ultimately change destiny by rewriting events in order to prevent tragedy.


Anohana is an anime about emotional high school students. Just like erased the main character doesn’t have many friends at the beginning of the series. He feels like he isn’t noticed by anyone even at school. He’s the definition of an introvert. He had good friends but everything around him changed after the death of her mother and after he lost Menma (Childhood Friend). Because of this, he was totally emotionally broken. He often gets flashbacks of the past memories when everything around him was ok. This anime is a good choice to watch.

Wolf children:

This anime series covers the story of a werewolf man and a human woman who are madly in love with each other. They make cute tiny werewolf babies apparently and then dad gets himself killed leaving one human parent to raise two tiny wolf monstrosities. We aren’t calling them monstrosities because they’re wolves. We’re calling them that because they’re babies. This is a very emotional story to watch because it shows the story of a mother who is struggling for her children.

The garden of words

The garden of words is a story about a schoolboy who is 15 years old. He is not so good in his school life and has a passion for shoemaking. One day while it’s raining he decides to bunk and goes to the park. And there he meets a woman named Miss Yukino. And hence a strong relation gets developed gradually. Kakao would always look forward to whenever it rained because they would both skip their responsibilities to hang out.

Violet ever garden

This is a beautiful story of a girl, violet. After the war, she is been in the hospital for four months after the war. At the start, she was told that her hands are bandaged but it’s then revealed that her arms are made of adamant steel. Later on, she decides to become an auto memory doll. Violet is kind of emotionless and she does not really know how it feels to feel them. It’s a great anime to watch. In this series, you will see the great animations, music and different plots about self-expression.

Your lie in April:

It is a Japanese series. It is illustrated and written by Naoshi. Your lie in April is based on Chris. He’s a 14-year-old boy and he never wants that someone ever falls in love with him although he’s just a middle schooler. He became like this because of his mother’s death. On the other hand, his friend Tsubaki sees a world full of color. It is one of the best sad series.

So yes guys these are the list of my favorite emotional anime series. Let us know in the comment section which sad series made you cry the hardest.




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