Hey guys! I hope you are doing great. If you are looking for something new to watch or if you’re just starting out watching anime I’ll be giving you my top 6 recommended anime for everyone.

These series are a great start for newcomers to get started with anime as they’ll open them to the anime subculture and other series as they watch more.

Shingeki no kyojin or attack on titan:

Of course, everybody has heard of this. Very much in the mainstream even those who have never heard of anime I’ve seen this somewhere at one point. The story set centuries ago when mankind was annihilated by enormous human-like monsters known as Titans and forced to live in fear behind incredibly huge walls. To survive the humans live behind these walls and for many years have not confronted the time since the wall’s creation.


It is an action psychological sci-fi anime series.  That is set in a possible near future when it is possible to instantly quantify a person’s state of mind and personality. Using this data crime enforcement uses a standard known as Psychopaths to measure an individual’s being and does determine a person’s criminal tendency factor. Used to judge criminals before they commit the crime. this show is very psychological and that brings up questions relating to how society should be structured and what is considered ideal for managing crime. This series is very serious and rarely are there any jokes to laugh about.

Golden time:

Unlike most series which are set in high school, this one is completely different. I mean real original work. It’s set in college. this is groundbreaking won’t you agree this series is centered around Tada Banri a nearly admitted college student at a private law school in Tokyo who got lost trying to find a freshman orientation. He meets another freshman Yanagisawa Mitsuo who is also lost and they quickly become good friends. I would highly recommend this for those like the romance genre.

Sakurasou no pet na kanojo

It is a slice-of-life comedy romance. A second-year high school boy named Seurat Lokhande who is persuaded to move into Suleiman High School. One day a second-year high school girl named Mashiro Shiina So transfers during the spring semester. She is described as a pet like infantile and highly dependent on others for even the simplest of tasks and as such.  Seurat takes on the responsibility of taking care of her. However, she is a world-class artistic savant.


I’ll be honest with you this is a horror. I know most people can get turned off by this but I think this harm service is different from others. In that the love interests aren’t suddenly introduced in my foreign country as a transfer student or a rival in class. I mean it just so happens this series has exactly those premises but I think it’s still unique in its own way. The story centers around rocky Jojo who is a high school student that also happens to be the sole heir of a Yakuza Family called the Shu a goomy.

So Guys, This list is completely biased to my personal tastes so you don’t have to fully agree with it. I encourage everyone, even if you don’t like anime to watch these complete series. I know these are just shows but to a lot of people, it can mean so much more.


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