We all get dragged by mysterious things. But do you know there are some of the best mysterious anime which will just blow your mind! Read the article thoroughly and enjoy these series.

Detective School-Q

So if you are looking for a mix of Drama, comedy, and Mystery then Detective School Q is just right for you. This is the story of a student named Q who is just an average boy. As he is interested in detective things and he explores a school named Dan detective school. This school allows the students to become explore their detective skills. With the help of his group fellows he solves out various crimes and the mystery continues. Being a lover of detective anime I just loved watching this.

Young Kindaichi

It is a Japanese series. This series surrounds around Mystery and Shounen. Hajime Kindaichi is a student at a high school. He is a lazy and a little depraved kind of guy who has no discipline in life. Mostly he is underestimated but only a few people know his detective skills. But as it’s said appearances are often misleading as the story flows you will see the interesting and thrilling aspect which will lead you to see the detective side of him.


Gosick is a Japanese series. It has 24 episodes in a season. It surrounds around the mystery, historical and Drama. Kazuya Kujou is a student of the academy where he meets a doll-like girl Victorique de Blois. She can see the future. As the story moves forward they start relying on each other.

Detective Conan:

It is a Japanese series which is written and illustrated by Gosho. If you like watching a package of adventure, mystery, and comedy then Detective Conan is the right series for you. This is a story of a high school student named Jimmy Kudo. He works with the Police to solve out different mysteries. He is attacked by a group named the Black Organization. The members of the organization forcibly ingest an experimental poison into him but he turns into a child instead of dying.

Ghost in the shell:

Last but not least we have Ghost in the shell. It is a Japanese series. This series is based on the Action, Military, Sci-Fi genre. It was released in the year 2017. This series is written and illustrated by Masamune. The story surrounds a girl named Major. She is a devoted soldier who is working against criminals. Her only goal is to defeat the terrorists who control people’s minds by controlling it. As the story moves to another level you will find out various mysteries in this series.

So yes guys these are the detective series which will take you to another level of mysteries. I hope you like the above collection. If so then don’t forget to leave a comment below. If you have watched the above series then do tell us which series is the best!


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