Hello Anime Lovers. I assume you just finished the anime the rising of the shield hero and now you are looking for a cure for that post anime depression you have contracted. I’m going to give you four anime that dive deeper into some of the minor details of the rising of the shield hero such as the video game aspect and a mirror image of the rising of the shield hero.

Log horizon

To begin the list let’s start with the log horizon. It comprised of two seasons with 50 total episodes. Log horizon follows a college student named Shiroe who was magically snatched away from his normal life as he finds himself inside a popular MMORPG alongside 30,000 other gamers. Shield hero uses the setting more as background mechanic to give the viewers a sense of how the world operates while log horizon puts the MMORPG concept at the center of the plot and the world-building. Well, the Log horizon spends a majority of its time focusing on the world-building as the players adapt to their new lifestyle and as they create guilds and laws to maintain the peace between the players and the now sentient NPCs.

rokka no yuusha:

rokka no yuusha is an anime from the summer of 2015. Rocking one season of 12 episodes. In this fantasy world six people are selected to be the heroes of the world and they’re known as Braves. And they’re expected to fight together in order to defeat the demon king. The protagonist is Adlet Meyer who is the self-proclaimed world Strongest Man even though he is just an ordinary human with no magical abilities. Even though he’s just regular and ordinary he does successfully get selected to be one of the six Braves and he sets out on his journey to a temple to meet up with his team.

Death march:

To a parallel world Death March aired during winter of 2018. it has one season of 12 episodes. An overworked middle-aged male gets randomly transported into another world. Upon entering this world he was immediately confronted by an army which of course he’s able to wipe out with a single spell. And of course, it’s just so happening to boost his level more or less to the max. He also amasses a harem of women. Now, don’t you worry folks! This harem of women has something for everyone. Whether you like lilies or adult slaves or soldiers Demi-humans or just your normal humans and they have every hair color and style you could possibly want.

Grimgar of fantasy and ash:

Premiered during the winter season of 2016 and has a 1 season of 12 episodes. Grimgar of fantasy and ash begin with a group of people finding themselves in an unfamiliar fantasy world. With no memories of how they got there. They need money to live and their only option to make money is to enlist as a volunteer soldier in the Army. Since they have no prior combat experience they decide that each of them will train in a different combat style. And after they complete their training they will begin hunting monsters together as a party. Grimgar of fantasy and ash is unique to the East Cassandra in the sense that it just feels very realistic.

So yeah there you have it. That is my list of anime that are similar to the Rising of the Shield Hero. Let me know what you thought if you agree did you disagree do you like do you not like either way. Tell us in the comment section. Have a good day everyone!



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